Brittany Falconer

Former National Trampolinist

MTB Coach

Bike lover!

My name is Brittany Falconer. 
I am a former national trampolinist. I competed for team BC and for team Canada for almost 10 years. 

I retired after not qualifying for worlds and eventually the Olympics in Rio. I was burnt out and needed a break. I discovered mountain biking at 28 years old! 

I now coach and compete for Gravity MTB and Forbidden Bike Co. I love pretty much every discipline of riding!
I can be found most days on big epic enduro rides on board my Forbidden Druid. 

However, I love dirt jumping, CX and road riding! 
Riding my bike is the most fun and freeing thing I have ever done. 
The progression with skills and technical riding has filled the void left behind from gymnastics and more!

The community of inspiring females pushing themselves is so inspiring, and if my riding and progression can do the same for girls who will come after me. Well that is the most amazing contribution I can think of!

I don’t think I will ever stop riding and competing because bikes are the best!