Growing up as the quintessential nerd, I was a bit of a late bloomer to the mountain bike scene. I found my love for wheels in Nakusp at age 24, where I had to learn fast to keep up! Immediately hooked, I joined the local trail society and gained an interest in sharing my love of MTB. It also turned out that just being able to make it down the mountain wasn’t enough for me and I took my PMBI certification in 2011. Not only did this build my understanding of mechanics, but it also opened up the possibility of coaching – a new world into which I had never set foot. I joined the team of downhill coaches at Silver Star Mountain and discovered that my passion went even further still, eventually transitioning into the Head Coach role. Introducing new people to the world that is mountain biking holds a special place in my heart – and I strive to inspire confidence into coaches and riders alike.

 My love of coaching eventually turned into a curiosity about racing. Having had so many questions that I had no answers for, I decided that I needed to check it out for myself. After entering my first race at age 30, I found yet another aspect of mountain biking to love. It started as a fun learning experiment, and evolved into a discovery of myself. How far could I go and what factors could I change to get there? The desire to push harder turned into training that led to better fitness and a healthier lifestyle. 

Wanting to make the racing experience more welcoming for everyone evolved into the SilverStar Race Team, which I still manage today. I also coach several youth programs in the local area during the off-season.

What I love most about mountain biking is the diversity of what it brings to different people. Camaraderie, fitness, meditation, achieving goals, gaining confidence  - I've heard so many reasons and the amazing thing is that they all fit.


Crystal Townsend

Manager of Silver Star MTB team

MTB Coach

Bike lover!