Emilly started mountain biking when she was eight years old, and started racing at around 12. One of the things that helped keep her motivated was a core group of friends she rode with. She was super lucky to be part of the ride like a girl program during its first year and learned so much from her mentor Mical. Currently Emilly races xc for Pendrel Racing and cx for Naked Factory. Trying out road racing last year added another way to experience cycling. She is on the Canadian Development team for xc and represented Canada at the world championships last year in both xc and cx. She is the current national champion in xco and cyclocross.

 Emilly lives in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, an area full of amazing recreational activities. There is a large cycling community in the Valley which makes getting out everyday for a ride a blast. This year Emilly will graduate highschool and move to Victoria to start working towards a degree in Economics. Since there haven’t been any races recently, Emilly has been making the best of the situation by exploring new gravel roads and adventuring around her hometown! She also loves reading, hiking, skiing and spending time with her dogs, Traveler and Mei.

Emilly Johnston