Emmy Lan

​Mentors: Stephanie Denroche and Carey Marks

15-year-old Emmy Lan is a DH, XC and enduro racer. Loving all disciplines she hasn't yet chosen one to specialize on, racing all three means having a packed season of training, racing and traveling. Some of Emmys most proud results from the past season include a 1st at the bear mountain Canada cup XC, 1st for BC Cup DH races, 4th at a few Canadian National Enduro races, 2nd at Whistler BC Cup XC, 2nd for the challenger EWS and many island cup and bc cup podiums. Emmy plans to continue trying to inspire other young riders and promoting the sport of cycling throughout the island by helping coach. Emmy is super excited to be matched with Stephanie Denroche for DH and Carey Mark for XC. It's going to be an awesome season of riding bikes!!