Julia started racing xc about 4 years ago.  She started out with the WORCA summer dirt camps as a kid, and then in high school joined the Mountain bike team in Whistler where she grew to love racing and riding.  Julia then had the opportunity to race with TaG cycling and the BC team for XC until last year. She was also apart of the Ride Like a Girl program for 2-3 years as an athlete, with Sandra and Rosara as mentors. Through the program, Julia became more confident in her skills and abilities. Now that she has had a few years racing, she wants to pass what she learned on to the next wave of shredders. 
Last season, Julia decided to switch to enduro (since growing up in the sea to sky she was just having too much fun on the descents).  She raced the Canadian series and EWS Whistler in which she surprised herself with multiple podiums and even a top 20 in pro for the EWS (3rd U21). This year Julia has stepped away from XC, and put her focus on enduro, with some potential DH races. She will be competing in some Canadian series and the EWS' in Whistler and Northstar, and trying to qualify for MSA Worlds for DH! Julia is just finishing up her first year at University in Victoria, where she is studying Kinesiology in hopes of continuing in the athletic community as more than just a racer. As well as racing and studying, Julia will be committing to doing more coaching and mentoring (especially girls!), with this amazing program being a start!


Julia Long