Keely Hamilton

Mentor: Kim Shopland

Hometown: Cranbrook, BC

​Age: 14

My name is Keely Hamilton and I am a 14 year old from Cranbrook, BC. My parents love cycling, and I do too. I enjoy many kinds of biking: mostly XC, cyclocross, road and gravel. I love outside adventures such as fat biking in the wintertime, as well as bikepack trips with my parents and friends.

I have raced in a couple of cyclocross race series in the USA over the past couple of years. I’m hoping I can continue to build my race repertoire over the next few years.

I’ve been riding my whole life and I’m excited to see what I can gain through this awesome program.

Besides riding, I lead a pretty active lifestyle. I go on hikes, play soccer, and ski and snowboard in the wintertime. I’m also involved in our local cycling club and go out on trailbuilding nights.

This is my first year in the Ride Like A Girl program and I’m really excited!