Although it seemed that the pandemic would disrupt the RLG program, it in fact made it stronger and more robust.  RLG now also provides skills clinics and educational online sessions lead by our mentors and other female leaders in the BC cycling community.  This year, we have over 28 mentors committed to supporting the RLG athletes for the 2021 season.

Andréane Lanthier Nadeau has been a RLG mentor for the past few years. 

Photo cred: @svenmartinphoto

Kyleigh Stewart is a former RLG Athlete. She now gets to pass on her experience to up and coming athletes as a RLG mentor.

Serena Tasca is excited to pass on her world cup racing experience to the younger generation.

Our mentors volunteer their time during the season to connect with a young rider in their discipline, get out to ride together and share some of their knowledge about the industry and tips and tricks to excelling in competition, gaining sponsorship, and being a great ambassador for the riding community. During the 2021 season, each of our mentors will be matched with one young female rider. 

Ride Like a Girl's mentors are world class athletes that are recognized internationally as among the best riders in their discipline. Not only are each of our mentors outstanding riders, they are also first-class individuals who are inspiring, fun, and have great insight into the mountain bike industry and what it takes to be an accomplished athlete.