Tayte Proulx-Royds

​Mentor: Jean Ann McKirdy

Cycling is a big part of my family. The first thing i will be talking about is how i’m involved in cycling. I started riding when i was about 2 years old on a run bike. I started riding up and down the street with my brother. When i got up one morning and i saw a massive truck and it had dirt in it. i was wondering why is that truck there then i saw my dad and he said were building dirt jumps and after they were built it was so fun riding the jumps until one day we ...moved and the jumps were DESTROYED by the new owners of the house. So we found a new house and had the best summer ever,  During that summer we went to Whistler BC and we went to the craziest bike festival.  Me and my brother competed in a couple of competitions. B-line is a competition that i competed in and i really enjoyed it because I got to experience it with my DAD. My dad also came on the enduro as my partner. After that ended we headed to the coast and raced in Victoria. I raced the canada cup it was the ruffest course I’ve ever raced it was so hard i was crying. We stayed in our RV in the parking lot it was so fun. In Victoria I also raced PROVINCIALS! It was on a dirt track and a speedway it was my favourite race of the whole year I went up against really good riders the girls much older than me. In fact when I signed up the lady said do you think she’s old enuff to my dad. But I still raced and at the end of the race I found out I won I was so proud of myself. I must have gotten the power from cyclocross season.  A whole season of training and i felt really strong cause i even beat some boys. I’m proud of being myself and being strongest me i can be.