Coming from a horse riding background growing up in Australia, it was a smooth transition over from the furry steed to the fat tired one (which required a lot less looking after and expense!) Loving the feeling of freedom to go where ever she desired, over varying terrain and exploring new places all upon her own ‘booty power’- mountain biking soon became a favourite activity of hers; amoungst trail running and triathlons during the time living down under.  Whilst training for her first 70.3 Ironman, she entered a small scale, largely male attended off road duathon (5km run, 20km Mtn bike, 2k run) Where she managed to (surprise everyone including herself) place 1st overall! (Go girls!).  Making the move to Squamish Canada in 2012, after successfully completing the 70.3 Ironman in Calgary and making the podium in her age category, Zoe found her self confronted with a fat higher level of mountain biking and terrain than previously exposed to in smooth, flat Australia. Soon loving the mountain biking community and the amount of fellow lady riders who indulged in the sport and their stoke factor for it, this spurred her on to learn the technical aspects of riding and partake in the SORCA toonie races. Now, after a few years of Squamish trails kicking her butt, she gradually adapted to the jank and learned to love the thrill of it! Now she has managed to hold down the overall female XC winner for the past 5 years.

Since living in Canada, she has accomplished:
1st place female in Xterra Victoria (off road Triathlon) (qualifying for Maui world championships) 2015, 2nd place Pro female 2016.
1st female at the Red Bull 400 Whistler, in 2015
1st place local female & 4th overall female at the Test of Metal, sharing the podium with Cathryn Pendril
3rd place Pro female at the NIMBY 50
1st place female, 2nd overall at the Dirty Duo (27km trail run, 30km mountain bike)
1st place overall (yes, that includes the men!) at the Squamish off road Triathlon 2018
Has represented Canada at the ITU International off road world championships, placing amoung the top 10 in the world.

Now finding a passion for Enduro riding, tagging along with her husband and his friends in search of new skills and experiences out on the mountain trials.
Zoe is super stoked to help other girls find their passion, and chase their dreams in both mountain biking and life. She is super excited to be apart of the Ride Like a Girl Program that promotes more women to embrace the feeling of empowerment through the sport of riding.

Zoe Dawson